Letter of Clarification on the History of VA-106/VF-62
VA-106 was disestablished on November 7th, 1969 and has never been reestablished.  The A4 Skyhawk Association website lists the Gladiators of VA-106 with VFA-106 added as part of the history of the original Naval Squadron VA-106.  This is misleading as the two Squadrons are not affiliated in any way.
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Statement of Fact
The current VFA-106 provides an example of what happens when a Squadron is disestablished and then, years later, the same NUMBER is used again.  This Squadron was established at NAS Cecil Field on April 27th, 1984.  VFA-106 adopted the old insignia of VA-106 and had it officially approved.  The Squadron may carry on the traditions of the old VA-106, BUT it cannot trace its lineage and history back to VA-106.  The list of Commanding Officers for VA-106 is not part of the list of Commanding Officers for VFA-106.  The history of VA-106 came to an end on November 7th, 1969, when it was disestablished and its personnel were transferred to other duty stations.  At this time, VA-106 was removed from the active list in the Naval Aeronautical Organization.
Statement from the Elected Officers of the Reunion Group VA-106 & VF-62
The naval combat veterans of VA-106 & VF-62 Gladiator Reunion Group want to maintain a true history of VBF-17, VF-6B, VF-62 and VA-106 as it is recorded in Naval History.  The website you are about to enter shows the true history of battle actions that the men of this reunion group took part in.  This website lists the aircraft flown by its Officers and the men who maintained them.  This website shows all the aircraft carriers that the squadron served on.  This website is dedicated to all the men who served in this squadron and to all who gave their lives in support of this Squadron. 
The Elected Officers of the Gladiator Reunion Group would hope that other web-sites that list the history of VA-106 & VF-62 would show the true history of our squadron. 
                                                                               "TWO VF-62 SQUADRONS"
The first VF-62 started on July 28th, 1948.  On July 1st, 1955 VF-62 became VA-106.  They were the "Gladiators" with the Banshee, Cougar and the A4 Skyhawk.
The second VF-62 started on July 1st, 1955 called the "Boomerangs" or Boomers.  They started with the FJ-3 Fury and on March 1st, 1960, they received the F8U-1 Vought  Crusader.
The two squadron are not the same and have no history together.  Your date of service tells you what squadron you served in.  If you served from July 1st, 1955 or after, you are a Boomerang (Boomer) not a Gladiator.
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